Welcome to the CSC Academy

VLE is responsible to ensure he/she fulfills the eligibility criteria and all information given by him/ her is correct. (वी एल ई यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि उसके द्वारा पात्रता मानदंडों को पूरा किया गया है और उसके द्वारा दी गई सभी जानकारी सही है)

Target is to Establish High Standard CSC Academy,
one in each Block across the Country
7000+ New CSC Academy

Over a period of time the CSC Academy, shall become Education Hub to provide life-long education and learning.

Exclusive Skill & Education services to be delivered at the new CSC Academy only.

● One in each Block

● Metro city multiple

● Approval process on First-cum-First serve basis

● Registration open till 30 Sept 2019